Nearly 50% of Boone county is farmland.

Our landscapes, clean streams, and fertile soils create an environment well-suited for many forms of agriculture. Small family farms are an important part of our community, contributing to the economic stability and well-being of Boone County residents.


At BCCDKY, we work directly with farmers by providing technical and financial support to ensure their natural resources are protected. To learn more about what we do, visit our services page or give us a call!

The State of Boone County Agriculture

Meet our farmers

Each year, the Boone County Farm Tour highlights several of our finest working and historic farms. This self-guided tour offers a unique opportunity to learn about one of our most important industries. It's fun for all ages!

What are we growing?

There is a wide variety of agricultural land use types in Boone County. Here are the leading farm types:


  • Cropland: Hay, tobacco, fruits, and vegetables
  • Animal production: beef and dairy cattle, horses, goats, and poultry
  • Nurseries: greenhouses, trees, and floriculture

Why are farms important?

Five reasons why we love our local farmers:

  • Economic support for rural communities
  • Protection of natural resources
  • Improvement of public health
  • Preservation of culture
  • Food for America's future

To learn more, contact our local Farm Service Agent.

Agricultural Water Quality Plan

This program helps farmers protect surface and groundwater from  pesticides,  fertilizers, and other harmful substances. Learn how you can create a water quality plan for your farming operation below.

Heavy Material Removal Cleanup

If you need a cleanup on your property, let us help you make it clean and green!

Other Services

We have more services for you! Head on over to our Landowner Services page to learn more.