Bigfoot Blog #2

**This blog post has expired. Bigfoot is in a new location!**

Blog # 2

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April 22, 2020

10:24 a.m.

Following a lead of suspicious Bigfoot activity, today I ventured to a new location. I arrived early in the morning at a park named after a famous inventor and medical researcher, packed my bag with camera, binoculars, and a water bottle, and started down the trail.

I walked down a long gravel trail, listening carefully for wood knocks and watching for Bigfoot footprints. Finally, I came to an intersection. As I stopped to contemplate which way to go, I suddenly heard an eerie noise. It sounded just like a typical “Whoop” that Bigfoots often use to make their presence known to other species. So I followed the sound and took the trail to the right.

Knowing I was close to the ‘Squatch, I was more observant as I traveled. I noticed wildflowers of many different colors, including dwarf larkspur, phlox, trillium. Eventually the trail opened up to a large field, and I could hear and see Gunpowder Creek, the largest stream in Boone County. My instincts told me that Bigfoot would be near water. As I walked through the field, I noticed a tell-tale sign that I was indeed in Bigfoot territory, a bent-over tree.

To make sure that Gunpowder Creek was a healthy source of water for Bigfoot, I decided to investigate the water quality. At the water’s edge, I looked under rocks for macroinvertebrates. I found mayflies, crawdads, and water pennies, which indicates the water is healthy for wildlife. This means that Bigfoot not only has clean water to drink, but plenty of food as well.

Suddenly I heard a large branch snap and a loud splash. The sound came from the pile of tree limbs and debris in the creek to my right. I walked across the rocks to what looked like a small island and was amazed at all the bigfoot evidence. Scratches on trees, rocks that had been flipped over, broken tree limbs, footprints galore! This must be where Bigfoot spends the night.

I watched and waited for a long time, but never saw the creature.

I know this must be one of his favorite spots, maybe you can spot him?

Vocabulary Words

Wood Knock: Many Sasquatch Searchers believe that Bigfoots communicate by banging sticks against trees. Often times, Bigfoots will echo human-made wood knocks to alert us of their presence.

Macroinvertebrate: Animals that do not have a backbone and are large enough to be seen without a microscope. Examples include insect larva, crawdads, snails, and worms. Some macroinvertebrates are very sensitive to pollution, and their presence indicates a healthy stream ecosystem. Scientists use macroinvertebrate investigations to study stream health.

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