Blog #3

Blog # 3

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May 22, 2020

12:54  p.m.

I got a hot tip that there has been some Sasquatch activity at another one of the Boone County Parks. This park used to be an old gravel pit, but a great organization called The Boone Conservancy turned it into a beautiful lake. Today, the park is full of fish, birds, mammals, and reptiles… good ‘Squatch food!

Right away, I could tell that Sasquatch had been here… check out these huge claw marks! (Someone told be that insects made these holes, but I’m not so sure!) I saw a trail of footprints leading down the path at the end of the field, and followed it down towards the lake.

I walked around the lake, which has a reputation of being the home of mysterious creatures. Did you know freshwater jellyfish live here?? Along the trail I saw a definite sign of Sasquatch… a strange stick arrangement! I knew he must by close by.

It wasn’t long before I saw another interesting sign: lots of the trees had been chewed on. What animal did this?

As I neared the beaver lodge, I saw a few fishermen and decided to ask them if they had seen any signs of Sasquatch. Luckily one of the fisherman’s grandson gave me a good tip!

I followed his lead, and sure enough, under the shelter for the Lee McNeely Birding Trail was a ton of Sasquatch Tracks! Perhaps we was learning how to be better bird watcher? I looked and listened for a long time at this spot, but never did see any more evidence. The trail had gone cold.

Help me find Sasquatch! Let me know if you find him here!

Vocabulary Words: 

The Boone Conservancy: A non profit organization that works to protect and conserve land in Boone County.

Freshwater Jellyfish: A non-native species of jellyfish that is uncommon but has been found throughout Kentucky. They do not sting humans.

Stick Arrangement: Bigfoots commonly leave sticks arranged in strange patterns to mark their territory and make their presence known.

Beaver Lodge: Beavers chew down tree trunks and branches to make a house called a lodge. At least two beavers live in the lodge at Conservancy Park.

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