Bigfoot Blog #4

Blog # 4

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June 26

11:32 a.m.

Well I got a huge lead on a new 'Squatch sighting yesterday from a couple of disc golfers. This time I took Mark, Joe, and Liz,  fellow Sasquatch searchers, with me for backup. We headed out to a new location, which wasn't on my radar at first, but given a freshly planted forest, it seemed like prime 'Squatch territory. Big thanks to the Reforest NKY program for planting over 100 trees at this local park!

We wandered through the disc golf course looking for tracks and signs. As we neared the amphitheater, tracks leading up the hill told us that this was indeed a heavily 'Squatched area. (Perhaps there is more than one!)

The air was eerily still as we approached the playground, except for one swing, which seemed to be moving without any wind. There are many theories about Sasquatch's supernatural abilities, and I wondered if he was trying to ward us off his trail with this spooky message.

As we stood near disc golf basket #3 and looked into the forest, we then heard a terrible noise and saw something dart into the woods. Mark fearfully grimaced at the noise, but the rest of us were too excited at the prospect of finding 'Squatch to be afraid.

We tip-toed across the small bridge to try to catch a clear glimpse of the cryptoid, but all we saw was another track and a curiously placed twig - perhaps another message from 'Squatch.

Help me find Sasquatch! Let me know if you find him here!


Vocabulary Words: 

Reforest NKY: An annual tree planting event led by the Northern Kentucky Urban and Community Forestry Council (NKUCFC). This year over 100 trees were planted at Boone Woods Park.

Supernatural abilities: Some people believe that Bigfoots can use telepathy and electromagnetic waves to communicate.

Fearful Grimace: The face you make when you are about to find a Sasquatch.

Cryptoid: An animal (such as Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster) that has been claimed to exist but never proven to exist.


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