Blog #6

Blog # 6

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February 25

12:42 p.m.

Bigfoot is back! The first warm days after a wintery season are the perfect time for wildlife such as insects,  salamanders,  and birds emerge, and Bigfoot is definitely taking advantage of this early spring buffet.

Knowing that the forests of Middle Creek are ripe with plants, animals, fungus, and other Bigfoot favorites, I headed to the park in search of evidence. I was not disappointed! Near the main trailhead off the big gravel parking lot were tons of muddy footprints, pictured here with my boot for scale. I walked down the steps and took a right at the first trail intersection. There were downed trees and bigfoot scratch marks everywhere!

I walked a short way to the end of the trail, where the path hit a dead end at the creek. I saw a hug old tree across the creek with a big hollow opening… could this be a Bigfoot hiding place? Suddenly, I heard a low grumbling noise. When I looked up, all I saw was an eerie shadow pass across the rocks next to the creek...

Can you help me find Bigfoot? Follow the links and clues in this blog and let me know if you find him! Take a selfie with Bigfoot and email it to [email protected] or post to Facebook #SquatchinWithSusan and you could win a prize!

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