Meet our awesome board members

All with different backgrounds!


Kristin Scott

Kristin grew up as a child of an Air Force family, who always made it back to her Kentucky roots. Kristin is happily married with three amazing kids! She graduated from Morehead State University with a B.S. in Agricultural Sciences - Animal Science. She actually worked at BCCDKY after graduation as an Agricultural Technician! 


Rebecca Ortwein

Vice Chairman 

Rebecca has always been involved with the outdoors, from fishing in Alaska after school,  to training children and horses in 4-H in Kentucky - her life has been rooted in nature. A B.A. in Biology with an Environmental minor from NKU, she is determined to grow stewardship among the youth in our community, from 5-75. She works for ORSANCO's F.O.R.E., leads Boy Scout Troop 727, and also Venture Crew 727!


Victor Vanover


Vic grew up in Burlington, Kentucky. He is finishing up his B.S. in Environmental Sciences at Northern Kentucky University. He previously worked as a student and as a staff member with NKU’s Center for Environmental Restoration. He is now Boone County Park’s new Land Manager, and when not there he is out dragging his daughters through the woods and creeks!

Jason Roberts 3

Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts has been a Boone County resident his whole life.  Jason graduated from Boone County High School in 1997 and obtained a Horticulture degree from Cincinnati State.  Jason became a Certified Arborist in 2008, and a Municipal Arborist in 2011.  He currently works for the City of Covington as a Forester maintaining city trees and Devou Park.  Jason enjoys anything outdoors including hunting and fishing.  Jason also sits on several boards, including Boone County Tree Commission, Northern Ky Urban and Community Forestry Council, and Covington Tree Board.

Loren Hand

Loren Hand


Loren is lost in the sauce, but feels comfortable there due to the length of time enduring such pleasures.  He has retired twice, and is currently supporting operations with S&T Auto Detailing in Burlington.  I have enjoyed 4 years on the board, have experienced collecting pond specimens, forest bathing, assisting with the Boone County Farm Tour, and trying to make heads and tails out of the budget.


Debra Waller

Debra Waller grew up in Boone County on a farm raising tobacco and cattle! She has a B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Plant Physiology. She worked at UK for a few years in plant physiology and continued her teaching experience in Boone County. Her passion is conservation and she loves being a liaison for the Conservation District. She has been involved with the Board for 14 years and loves the direction it is going in! Fun fact: she has been every position on the Board at least once!


Karen Hlavacek

Karen Hlavacek has always been interested in flora, fauna, native trees, wildflowers, and geology - truly anything regarding nature and the natural environment has always raised an eyebrow on me! Karen has experience as an owner and board member of a private homeowner's development with 250 acres and a small 24-acre lake in Wisconsin. Her working background and education has included being an HVAC/R engineer for a large corporate insurance complex to working in cost accounting, global portfolio accounting, and investment performance at several Fortune 500 companies. Currently, Karen can be found roaming the building and grounds at the Boone County Cooperative Extension Office helping them maintain and beautify their complex.

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