K-12 Curriculum

We work with teachers, home school groups, scouts, and more to deliver quality, experiential, academically-based lessons to your students. Our curriculum supports Kentucky Academic Standards and can easily be adjusted to meet different age levels.

The following lessons can be taught either in the classroom, on your school grounds, or at a field trip location. Oh, and they're FREE!


  • The Dirt on Soil

Did you know that soil is one of our most important resources? Students will discover how important soil is to our daily lives through hands-on explorations, and create solutions to erosion and soil quality problems in our region.


  • Wild Boone County

Discover some of the lesser-known critters native to Boone County habitats, their adaptations for survival, and the role they play in the ecosystem. Then use your creativity to design your own wild animal!


  • Watersheds

Using the Enviroscape model, students will learn how land use and their everyday actions impact the water quality of their local stream systems. Students will explore local watershed issues and develop strategies for improving their communities.


  • Schoolyard Science

Choose from a variety of citizen science projects to participate in as a class. Students will collect valuable data on air quality, climate change, or wildlife populations and contribute to real scientific studies without leaving the school grounds!


  • The Blue Planet

Water is all around us, but how is it used throughout our daily routine, and where does it go when it's out of sight? Students will discover the answers to these and more questions as they participate in games and activities related to water consumption and distribution.


  • Invasion!

Boone County is under invasion... from non native plant and animal species! In this lesson, students will learn how invasive species threaten our local community's natural areas and about the work being done to control them.