Focused Conservation Project

Despite recent large-scale industrial developments that impact natural habitats and waterways, much of Boone County remains forested. Not only do forests provide habitat for wildlife such as deer, foxes, owls, and migratory birds, they also filter pollutants out of the air and keep streams and rivers clean.

To protect forest resources in Boone County, BCCDKY is partnering with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) on a focused conservation project in the Middle Creek watershed, which has over 7,000 acres of forest habitat. This project, funded by NRCS, will support conservation practices such as invasive species management, tree plantings, and riparian vegetation protection. Private landowners within the program area will be eligible for project funding and technical support. Public lands such as Middle Creek Park and Boone Cliffs will also receive support for improved land management.

Beginning Summer 2021, BCCDKY will begin contacting landowners within the project area to discuss potential projects.

For more information, contact Mark Jacobs, Director of Conservation Programs at