Gaining My Footing at BCCD

Hello all to the chaos that is my first blog post! I’ve been working at BCCD for about a month now and it’s been the most fun I’ve had in a super long time! I’ve gotten to experience a bunch of new stuff and gone on a bunch of adventures. I’ve been outside more since May than I did probably the entirety of 2021 (please judge.) I am the conservation education intern so I’ve been helping a LOT with the camps we do! (This includes researching Lewis and Clark for 4+ hours, it was worth it though.) We’ve done Conservation Kids Camp and Leaf Academy and I’ve been the ‘manager’ of the crafts we’ve done in the office I like to think, haha! It’s super fun to watch the kids learn new things about nature, and sometimes I’m learning along with them!

Follow along with my blog to watch the journey of this Music Education major learn about nature.

– Mackenzie Clere

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