Kathleen’s August 2021 Blog

Hi all! I cannot believe that it is already August or that this will be my last blog post. It saddens me that this summer flew by so quickly, and I wish this internship was not coming to an end already!

Our summer programs have been winding down since LEAF Academy ended, so I’ve had time to finalize my independent project. I created a lesson plan on specific flower-pollinator relationships that teaches students what adaptations plants have to attract different types of pollinators. It’s exciting to see students explore less popular pollinators like birds, bats, and flies. I was able to put this lesson plan in action by running a program at Conservancy Park, which was an exciting and gratifying conclusion to my time as BCCDKY’s Education Conservation Intern. I’ve been really fortunate to have Susan as a mentor, and she’s taught me so much about environmental education this summer.

We’ve continued to work with SD1 on hydromodification assessments and stream monitoring, as well as assisting with bird research using our Song Meter. From wildlife monitoring to education programs, I’ve had countless valuable (and fun!) experiences during this summer. In a few weeks, I will be returning to Loyola University Chicago to finish my undergraduate degree. I will be graduating with a B.S. in Environmental Science in May 2022, and I’m eager to find other opportunities in environmental education after that. This internship exceeded any expectations I had, and I am grateful to everyone at BCCDKY and at all the organizations and agencies we’ve worked with this summer – thank you!

Thanks for reading!
Kathleen Reilly

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