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Mark Jacobs

Mark Jacobs

Watershed Project Manager

Mark received a B.S. in Anthropology at Northern Kentucky University and his A.A.S. in Recreational & Wildlife Management at Hocking Technical College. With his excellent conservation background, Mark used to work at the Wilds in southeastern Ohio, where he worked on captive breeding and conservation programs from Africa, Asia, and North America! In 2001, he returned to NKy and founded non-profit Wildlife Conservation Kentucky, Inc. and established Split Rock Conservation Park.


J.T. McMullen

Regional NWQI Coordinator

J.T. has spent most of his life in the Greater Cincinnati area. He graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a background in Geology and Environmental Studies. He worked with NKU's Center for Environmental Restoration for several years, where he gained his experience in stream, wetland, and riparian restoration, along with his passion for conservation. J.T. hopes to watch his projects and the trees he has planted thrive in the future.


Susan Brown

Conservation Education Specialist

Susan was born and raised in Northern Kentucky. She received a B.S. in Environmental Science from Morehead State University and a MEd. in Environmental Education from Western Washington University. She enjoys using the great outdoors as a classroom for students of all ages, and in her free time she can be found in the woods following animal tracks, inspecting scat, and turning over rocks in search of wildlife.

Megan smelling the wonderful smell of monkey balls

Megan Clere

District Administrative Secretary

Megan is from Ashland, KY - right down the AA Highway! She graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a B.S. in Environmental Sciences and a minor in Biology. She has experience in protecting water resources, recycling, wasted food, and more! Ask her how many fish she used for her Twelvemile Creek Bioassessment project (it's a lot). She is notorious for picking out recyclables straight from the trash can and petting every dog she sees.