Lots of Work in June

Hello all and welcome back to my blog!

Lots of crazy stuff has been happening since my last blog! We just finished week one of Leaf Academy, and it was a fun week with the kids and my coworkers! We hiked at Boone Cliffs, kayaked at Boone’s Landing, swam at the Sperti Park creek, and did a bunch at Middle Creek! It was a jam packed week but it was super fun! Now to prepare for academy week in July!

This internship has taught me SO much since starting. I’ve learned so much new information on the environment, watersheds, habitats in creeks, and so much more. We did a mussel lecture last night and it was so interesting, plus I got to meet so many new people and make some new connections! We got a tour of Thomas More Field Station too, which was insane! It was so large and they’re doing so many cool projects. 

I’ve really been breaking out of my shell since working here and I’m excited to see all that’s in store with July quickly approaching. It’s time to do Leaf #2 and work on my final project, and then it’s the home stretch! Stay tuned to read more about life at BCCD and my super cool and awesome final project. 


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