Landowner Services

State Programs
Heavy Material Removal Cleanup

If you need a cleanup on your property, let us help you make it clean and green!

Agricultural District

Want to protect your farmland? Sign your farm and your neighbor's farm up today! 

Agricultural Water Quality Plan

Own 10+ acres of land, are part of an Ag District, or receive an Ag tax deferment? You need one.

Equipment Rental

Need to borrow some equipment? Check out what we have to loan!


Check here for our current updated list of local contractors.

State Cost Share (SCS) Program

Need help with water quality, soil erosion, and other environmental problems? Click here!

Certified Arborists

Need to certified arborist? Check out our local listings here!

Algae Problems?

Got an algal bloom? Check out these resources! Need a pond test kit? Head over to Equipment Rental.

Dead Farm Animal Removal

Act fast - call a licensed hauler within 24 hours.

Federal programs
Environmental Quality Incentives Progam (EQIP)

Need help with your Ag operations? Click here!

Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP)

Need help strengthening your operations and conservation efforts? Click here!

Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP)

Need help installing and maintaining conservation efforts in your area? Click here!

Small-Scale Farm Grant Program

The Kentucky State University (KYSU) Center for the Sustainability of Farms and Families (CSFF) works to develop resources to provide assistance to small-scale farms. In partnership with the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund (KADF) and the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board (KADB), KYSU is able to provide these grants.

This program helps farmers who want to improve their farming operations, improve the marketability of their products with value-added enterprise, and who want to further their farming and agricultural knowledge through educational trainings.

Click here for more information


Kentucky Ag Developent Fund

The Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund and the Kentucky Water Resource board has a program for farmers who are looking to implement best management practices for water management. Individual farmers would apply under the Producer Implemented Project or Small Scale Grant.

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