Stream Team

Stream Team

Stream Team is a group of Boone County teens who study our local waterways. These nine citizen scientists meet twice a month to learn a different aspect of stream ecology, and will start collecting water quality data from a selected waterway in Spring/Summer 2022. The data will be submitted to the University of Kentucky and will be used by multiple agencies to better understand and protect our precious water resources.

Over the course of a year, the Stream Team will also plan and facilitate a community event to promote the importance and stewardship of local waterways.

This pilot program is sponsored by the Boone County Cooperative Extension Service and the Boone County Conservation District.



For More Information Contact:

Lacey Kessell

Natural Resource Agent

Boone County Extension Service

Office: 859-586-6101

Cell: 859-609-1821

[email protected]

Susan Brown

Conservation Education Specialist

Boone County Conservation District

Office: 859-569-6277

Cell: 859-750-6461

[email protected]