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Hello all! It has been a wild time working with Boone County this semester. We hit the ground running with the development of our mussel surveys in Gunpowder Creek. If you don’t know much about mussels, they are a great bio indicator and help keep our waters clean! While we snorkeled in the creek looking for our beloved mollusks, we stumbled upon a lot of cool and exciting macro invertebrates like crawfish and water pennies. Little guys like these are great to see in our waterways. We also have been having great success with our bat monitoring. Many bat species are listed as federally endangered so it’s always an exciting day when we identify them on our recording devices. Beyond our research projects, we’ve been kept busy with weekend events such as salt fest which displayed the rich history of Big Bone Lick State Park. Lastly, we welcomed our junior board and took them on a plant survey. It was great to see the enthusiasm these kids share about the environment; I can’t wait to see where they go next!

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