Ilys – May 2024


In my first couple of weeks I’ve done more of the less outdoorsy part of conservation. I went to a mitigation meeting for the county, the OKI annual meeting, and a fiscal court meeting that taught me a lot about policy and how interagency collaborations are such an important part of making sure things can happen  and projects can be done properly. In addition, I also learned the importance of a good relationship with the local government from these meetings. 

In the field, I’ve learned a lot about using our bat detectors and how to interpret the data that we get using the data analysis software, Kaleidoscope. We’ve also done a lot of invasive species management such as cutting down honeysuckle bushes and multi-flora rose. Plus making trails so that we can easily get around the property. 


Additionally, I was able to put out trail cameras along gunpowder creek to begin my research on otters and how they interact with other semi-aquatic mammals.


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