Adventures in Interning at BCCDKY with Joe

Hi all! Welcome to my iteration of the blog that interns keep up during their time with BCCDKY! While with everything going on with regards to COVID-19 we have been treading some new ground, I’m sure that this summer will still be as loaded with fun and conservation education as any other.

I officially started with BCCDKY on May 18th and when I say we hit the ground running, we hit the ground running. On my first day, Susan (the conservation district’s Conservation Education Specialist and who I’ll be reporting to for the duration of my internship) showed me the ropes and immediately introduced me to the district’s ongoing bat monitoring research and the tech that goes along with it.  Since then I’ve been working on going through the sound files that BCCD’s monitors have recorded while in the field and identifying potential bat calls, Susan and I have also been working to further the district’s bat research.  

Along with the district’s bat research, my other big project since coming on board was picking out/assembling the craft bags that were handed out at the trunk-a-tree event that took place on May 30th!  Beyond those two major items, Susan and I have also been busy in the field assisting SD1 with wetland maintenance, assessing the beaver population at Conservancy Park, and tracking sasquatch!!!

Looking forward into the summer, Susan and I have also been discussing what my independent project as part of my internship will look like (there’s a hint of what it might be in my bio under the intern section on  For now, you guys are all caught up to speed, so I’ll see you at the end of June!


Joe Pedro

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