Ava – Fall 2023

The last few weeks have been eventful and full of research! 


Liz from SD1 invited us to go and help with her hydromod surveys. I had never done one before, but now I feel like a pro. 


Susan and I have been monitoring wildlife on the conservation district's new property by using trail cameras, and boy have we found an assortment of wildlife. We saw lots of deer, 4 turkeys, one mink, plenty of squirrels/birds, a coyote, and a few house cats. 


I have been experimenting with my insect collection methods. I had never used a pitfall trap before so I was trying to find the best way to set them up. Which I did with the help of Susan and Chris. I caught a few spiders and nats in the test run of that trap. Keep an eye out for my next post I should hopefully have some insect research to share with you!

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