Tips for Finding Salamanders

  • Carefully roll over the logs and rocks near streams and ponds. Salamanders love moist, dark areas of the forest where they feast on insects and worms under the layers of leaves and soil.
  • Handle with care! Salamanders breathe through their skin, and are extremely sensitive to the chemicals on our hands, including hand sanitizer. Make sure your hands are free of chemicals, or better yet – bring a pair of medical gloves to provide a protective barrier between you and the salamanders.
  • Protect salamander habitat. Carefully replace any logs or rocks to restore wildlife habitat.
  • Look under the water, too! The first stages in a salamander’s life cycle take place under water. Egg masses are prevalent this time of year in vernal ponds, and larval salamanders can be found hiding under leaves and rocks in streams and ponds. Bring a small fishnet to help you catch them!
  • Use a field guide. Or print a copy of "Salamanders of Boone County” document and take it with you to identify what you find.

Our Favorite Salamander Spots

  • Middle Creek Park (5701 Burlington Pike Burlington KY 41005). Explore the forest floor and creek near the parking lot, or hike up to “Sky Pond” located near the highest point in the park, on the backside of Trail #1. You will see lots of salamander eggs in this pond!
  • Conservancy Park (5989 Burlington Pike Burlington KY 41005). Walk around the lake to the Lee McNeely Birding Trail, and follow the trail to the forest and wetland areas in the back of the park
  • Dinsmore Woods Nature Preserve (5700 Burlington Pike Burlington KY 41005). Use the Middle Creek Park parking lot, and use the crosswalk to get across Burlington Pike to access the trailhead. You can look under logs and rocks, but please practice Leave No Trace practices in the nature preserve and do not disturb wildlife habitat. (No dogs allowed in nature preserves.)
  • Anywhere else! Visit the Boone County Parks webpage for a list of public lands (

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